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Real Estate Broker Support

Prelicense Education
We can help you find the right school for your prelicense training
Post Licensing Mentoring

Your licensed and ready to go...right? Don't worry, we have the support with in house mentors
Continued Training
We provide continued training to ensure that your career starts strong and continues strong.
Office Support
You can't do it all! That is why we are here. We have highly trained staff that provide you with the support you need.
Powerful Tools
We developed powerful tools to run and advertise your real estate career. We can show you how to use them for your business.

You Have a real estate what?

We provide the training and the support to make you successful

Once you have your real estate license you will begin working with a mentor from the office. Our mentors are seasoned professionals that understand the industry and will work hard to help you succeed. These mentors will help you understand the tools at your disposal and provide excellent coaching. When you have a question, ask them, they are there to help you.

You will also find that the other brokers in the office are ready to help you. Our offices are not a competitive environment. With many experienced brokers in our office we have a wealth of knowledge about the real estate industry and how to launch successful real estate careers.

Continued training

Just because you have a real estate brokers license...

Just because you have a real estate brokers license does not mean that you know it all. We know this. This is why we provide you with a mentor and ongoing training. Our office provides trainings, workshops and personal support.

Our brokers attend our training events and staff meetings where we exchange information and best practices. In a ever changing real estate market and with technology that moves just as fast we provide the support you need.