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Our training is unmatched. We provide the training and support to begin your career in real estate. We continue to provide the best real estate training, education and support for our real estate brokers.

There are two general types of real estate training. One is before licensing, which includes Washington State approved pre-license training to be used in conjunction with taking and passing the Washington State Real Estate Exam. Read more about about the Washington State Real Estate Exam.

The second type of training will prepare you for success in the real estate industry. Your future in real estate and your level of success depends on your ability to begin your own business. You will develop your own business within ours. This is why a powerful brand, excellent training and the right tools are important.

A unique feature for you provided by our Lynnwood office is an award winning Personal Mentor Training Program. That's right! When beginning your real estate career you will benefit from having a personal mentor. Our mentors will personally work with you, hands on with information and accountability. We take great pride with helping to launch successful real estate careers.

This form of training begins the day you join the Lynnwood branch.

You will be introduced to:

  • How to develop electronic marketing programs to drive your business
  • How to incubate and track home buyers and sellers
  • How to use direct mail, at no cost to you, to generate new business
  • How to effectively hold an Open House
  • How to develop and leverage your own Sphere of Influence
  • Financing and real estate
  • Get introduced to an abundance of resources for your business including mortgage and title professionals
  • How to appraise a seller's property
  • How to create sales and listing contracts
  • How to effectively negotiate these contracts
  • How to develop and implement a successful business plan
  • How to use your personal mentor to enhance your business plan
  • And so much more...


We can look at education in at least two ways.  What education do I need to prior to entering the field of real estate?  More specifically residential real estate sales.  What education do I need after I start my career in real estate? Let’s skip The education required to obtain a real estate license as we have already covered that.

Unlike many professions in the private sector real estate requires no special training prior to entry into the field.  In fact those institutions of higher learning that offer degrees in real estate focus focused on the economics of real estate and financial issues.  They do not teach “real estate sales”. I believe it is safe to say real estate is one of the few professions where you can make a great deal of money with little or no “formal” training prior to entering the field.

Although a formal higher education is always a good thing for personal enrichment,  bachelors or masters degrees in marketing, management, finance or the law is of little value to the residential real estate sales agent.  Again, I do not wish to take anything away from higher education.  In fact, were you to become a real estate broker,  office manager or the owner of a real estate company, a business oriented education could be of great value.  I am only stating that to become a successful sales agent it is unnecessary.

Having discussed education prior to the licensing requirements necessary to obtain a license,  let us now look at the education of the licensed associate pursuing a career in real estate sales.  Here your education will never stop.  In fact the state of Washington requires that you to have 60 clock hours of instruction prior to your first renewal which is two years after you are licensed.  After that the state requires you to have 30 additional clock hours of instruction every two years after your first renewal.

We will help you get the first 60 hours as we have already discussed we offer you 30 required clock hours in our “success Start Training Program”.  We continue to offer you clock hour training in your branch from time to time on any number of topics related to real estate sales, legal issues, title insurance, escrow, and drafting of related documents. 

Private off site training is also offered in property management, finance, real estate law, brokerage management, marketing techniques and technology issues as well as any number of classes of instruction to assist you in your real estate career in all directions and all levels. 

In fact I think it is fair to say where the engineer graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering will be finished with their formal education upon graduation unless they pressure an addition degree.  The real estate professional will go on to achieve many hours of instruction after entering the field.  Our training never stops.  Just as the market is always changing, our training is always progressing as issues in the market place changes.

Our clients or customers require and expect us to perform to the highest levels of competency. This is reinforced by our company core values and our mission statement.

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Exceptional Training Creates Exceptional Brokers

We believe that through exceptional training and exceptional support we create exceptional real estate careers.

Our training will launch your real estate career. If you are ready to learn more about our training and decide if a career in real estate is right for you...